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Monday, 28 September 2009

Dhemaji'ok aku nidiye?! Will they not Give Anything to Dhemaji ?!

It was a mail posted to me by Buljit Buragohain ( buljit@gmail.com) on 28 September 2009
He asked:
Assam Agriculture University at Jorhat.
Jorhat Engineering College.
Tocklai Tea Research Institute at Jorhat
North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat
Prince of Wales Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jorhat
Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat
Jorhat Medical College
Now, India's 2nd National Institute of Design (NID) at Jorhat.
( http://www.bihu.in/uploads/g/goodnews/1019.jpg )

Dhemaji'ok aku nidiye????
My reply was:

Possibly not. That's how development process takes place in a capitalist society. Uneven Development. These are not people oriented but, profit oriented. The investors only run after profit. Ask them, they will say establishing anything in Dhemaji will not be cost effective. Same is the case with NC HILL and Karbi Anglong . Coincidently, those are the places of the most backward communities of the state. Jorhat is the land of the Elite Upper class of the state. So,.... These inequalities will go on.

Sushanta Kar


RAM SARANGAPANI (assamrs@gmail.com) wrote:
Possibly not. That's how development process takes place in a capitalist
Society. Uneven Development.
Do you mean imply that this is not so in Communist/Socialist or other systems? I can give you many examples of this same problem (maybe even worse) in both China and the old USSR.The Soviets used what they called the GosPlan (their economic plan). In theory, it sounded very good, until they found out that the numbers coming in were only on paper. In reality, as we all know now, the system was rotting from the inside, and the whole system collapsed. India is certainly NOT a capitalistic system; it is more of a mixed economy - part socialism, part capitalism, and part "sab misal". Add to that mix, a healthy dose of rampant corruption. It it’s a miracle that the state keeps moving along.
-Ram da
I'm in full support of you whatever you've told about USSR and China. You can surly give hundreds of example about those two state-capitalist countries. It's only because none of them were socialist country, nor they were (or are in case of China) are fighting to transform their country in to a communist one. The Fight for socialism was defeated there at the very beginning from within. These were unique example of state-capitalism like Burmese Junta.
These are Popular NARRATIVES that USSR and China are/were socialist country and Indian system is mixed one. The Official Marxist in India like CPM CPI endorses these Narratives for their own interest. And their interest is getting clearer and clearer in these days day by day.
Nowhere in Marxian text it's said that if in a system means of production get controlled by the state, the state can be called a socialist one.
I can provide hundreds of such example where capitalist liked the state ownership for their own benefit and profit.
In the Globalised India Elite People love to criticise Nehru's love for 'socialism' and state intervention in economics. And thus socialism gets criticized for wrong reason. While the reality was that it was the Indian capitalist like TATA , BIRLA's made him to go for so-called mixed one. Please see the link on Bombay Plan here. I hope, Ramda, you know better about that plan.
Corruption is the softer and outer face of capitalist exploitation. Capitalist make the people-in -position corrupt for its own cause. They Need Mirjafars and Umichads everywhere in every country. The Backward places have more corrupt people-in-position than developed one. Only because this is how the capitalist manage the people's grievances there. The entire Terrorist in NC Hills is paid goons. They didn't served the Dimachas, rather they only served the Transport lobby and the contractors who didn't got the good share of the BG & Sadak construction businesses there. All the anti-Big River Dam agitators of Arunachal Pradesh got silenced by huge money paid by the corporate houses. And Now Ram'da Dhemaji is getting ready to get Push from the DAM Water. Jorhat will get many more engineering colleges because all most all the corporate house has their own tea-garden surrounding the city. Axomiya and Bongali babus of those tea gardens live in nearby cities and towns.
The People-in -position have no accountability in this system, neither the commoners have that power to control them except those voting right after five or more years. Let us develop a system where Dhemaji People get the chances to keep a say, how to spend their tax-money. They will manage their problem in a better way. But, will they be allowed? The answer is A Big No. Because, It's the capitalist and their representative (Please, remember that we the people only vote the parties, but, the corporate house finance them to buy votes.) decide when and where the money would be spend for their own benefit.
So, Demaji has very little chance to get anything better in near future. I won't say 'never'. Because, nobody knows how and when the interest of the corporate houses get changed.
RAMDA again wrote on: 2009/9/29
Thanks Sushanta,
You make some valid points and some assumptions.
The US is considered a very Capitalist society, and yet there are few states/places that are far, far below the national average. Corruption, imho, is the root cause of a host of problems in India. In India, it does not matter if you give it capitalism, communism, or any other ism, in the end rampant corruption wins, and that is the underlying ism.. That Dhemaji does not have an engg. College (I'm sure there are other places which are equally deserving) is deplorable. It is only the state machinery that can possibly do something. It seems, only the squeaky wheel gets the grease, unfortunately. Ram da
My reply was
Thank You for your positive note on my comments.
I've no difference with you about rampant corruption in this society. Let me agree that it's the only -ism that rule our state and country.
I also don't disagree on the point that,"....in the end rampant corruption wins...” from the days of Mirjaphar we're seeing this. The cause behind recent global financial crisis also corruption. Corruption of US corporate world. US government is now adopting so-called 'socialist' way to save them and the US economy. Some even calling new president as 'Socialist' ( ! Amazing!)
Than now, what should we conclude on Dhemaji? Is it corruption on the part of Jorhatians that they are getting so many Educational institutes? Should the Dhemajian be more perfect on the practice of corruption? I hope you are not suggesting so. Yes, though politics is mainly determined by economy, sometime it happens opposite. Because those capitalist ( Corrupt Rulers) has to rule the country, so they had to manage people grievances. So you are right, while saying that,"only the squeaky wheel gets the grease, unfortunately" If Dhemaji people can make hue and cry they might get one. But again, was their any people's pressure from Jorhat to get that designer institute? How can you explain why Jorhat people are so fortunate and the Dhemaji, NC Hill or Karbi Anglong people are not?
And finally Uttamda replied the best. He answered my question: how can you explain...?
He wrote:
"And it is evident that globally, as well as in the case of highly capitalistic economy, uneven development has to exist. This emanates from law of concentration followed by Capital. It gets concentrated where economies of scale or other such benefits accrue"
His full text is as such :( uttam borthakur
Dear Sushanta/ Ram Da It's hard to say what would socialism or communism look like, as it has yet to happen and there has not been any set standard to say when a society/ economy would reach that status. So, it would be an unending discussion, especially when two persons with paradigm difference in world outlook are involved in the discourse. It is however generally accepted that the present dominant economy world wide is capitalistic. India's so called 'mixed' or whatever economy is an integral part of such an economy. And it is evident that globally, as well as in the case of highly capitalistic economy, uneven development has to exist. This emanates from law of concentration followed by Capital. It gets concentrated where economies of scale or other such benefits accrue. The US would present a much even contour, because, the US as a whole is the hub of this concentration. Yet, all its states are not uniformly industrialised or urbanised. If Dhemaji has to get anything, it has to be for reasons other than economics. There's no point in lamenting. One can wrest it through political movement, may be. Uttam Borthakur

Finally, CM Tarun Gogoi, declared on 24th October,09 Saturday in a meeting held in Dhemaji that the government will construct one Engineering College at Dhemaji within two year.
Buljit again forwarded the news. I congratulated him by saying:
It's nice to hear the news. Congratulation!!! It would be great topic for me to investigate what made the state government so generous to establish the college at Dhemaji !!!!! The scenario is changing!!!!

  Sri Monoj Das,(dasmk2k@gmail.com) wrote in the same Assmanet group:

Mr Kar!
Earlier you made a remark on viability issue of setting up institutes
in cities.  You see when Haryana set up  REC Kurukshetra, it was
amidst wheat fields. Now its a big city. Garyana has now 101 engg
colleges. In places like Dhemaji an Engg college will act as an
economic pull.
You don't have to do any research. Name of the game is 'jor jar muluk
tar, baki sab bakwash.

I replied by saying:
 I, thought some one  may try to prove me wrong, on my earlier comments. Let me make it clear that I don't have any type of 'Know it all attitude." So, I'll love to get the answers I have now.
But, you might have remember that  I started answering Buljit's question with a phrase,'Possibly Not.....' and after a few interactive session with Dear Ramda and Uttamda I concluded by saying, "I won't say 'never'. Because, nobody knows how and when the interest of the corporate houses get changed."
You are write on saying '
'jor jar muluk
tar, baki sab bakwash.' But, I'll still curious about the cause and effect. What type of 'Jor' it was?
Will there be any Engineering College at Tinsukia, simply because I would write one article in paper tomorrow? I know you will say it's not 'Jor'
Then what it was?  Was there any Mass movement , like one talking place in Karimganj demanding Engineering College? Or Any corrupt practices made this possible. You might have remember we were talking on Corruption in our system.
Or the MP and MLAs  of Lakhimpur became very active these days. Or Some Armed militant made this happen. Because there are a good number of people in our society who believe that nothing happens here without blasting bombs!
What was the cause ? One will have to know for future references, be it in Dhemaji or at elsewhere.


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